Friday, 26 August 2011

First University Task

Well now I know the summer is definitely over. Life has been a little complicated due to the continuing medication adjustment so we have not managed much on the reorganisation but I have been chipping away at it.  Still have a long way to go but I will just have to keep chipping at it. I have just received my first university task.  I have homework and hubby is giggling madly over the fact that I am now an artsy student.

This first task is called Circles of One. It requires me to do a collection box of circular items that can include photos or images that have an association with my personality. In addition to the collection I am also required to complete a sketchbook which explores the object and the personal attribute it represents. From the sketchbook exercise I am to produce 3 images or object (30 x 30 cm) using any media to represent three aspects of myself.  All of this work has to be completed by 12th September 2011. As it will be used to introduce yourself to others and as part of the first project task of the course.

So I am being a busy little art student and started collecting some images between the medication induced granny naps. But if the hubby keeps needling me about beads and the hippy arts student I might become the angry little art student.