Thursday, 1 September 2011

Being Creative or not

At the moment I am doing that nervous wobble that I tend to do before most things I have not done or when I take a step in a new direction.  I know it is a nervous wobble but it does not stop the wobble happening.  I can be as logical as I like the panic and anxiety is still going to be round to cause my heart to be almost jumping out of my chest cavity.

What am I doing going off to university to do an arts course?  You are a happy meddler not someone who is an art student.  I know I am taking a leap into the unknown. My drawing skills are not creative in 3D I can do 2 D and architectural drawings.  I am going off to do that thing I craved for years something creative.

I think the problem has been that I denied my creative urge for so long that I forgot or suppressed that I am creative.  I had to be to manage my busy life working, being a parent and all that.  I worked in fields were I was required to demonstrate my creative problem solving so why do I think I am not creative enough to be a creative arts student.

For so long I put my creative practice on hold that I have undermined my own self confidence and even though I have been craving, wanting  and needing to be creative I have obscured it by my other obligations of work, family, pets and the crumbling house. I am still a failure at housework but I now have a good excuse to be absolutely lousy.  As I can no longer to put off being creative until later.  I have to be creative now.

The thing is I have to somehow work my creativity back into my everyday life cause it permeates everything you do. It is every breath, moment and mundane task.  Yes it is washing dishes the creativity is how you do the mundane task. If I let my creative self back out of the box I have have locked it away  it will suddenly become infused with my creative flair.

What do I need to be creative in my mundane life? It is taking the time and making the effort to have short chunks of creative time. It is a five minutes here and there through out the day.  Besides the mundane tasks it also means just taking time during the day to create something whether this is a quick sketch or is the arrangement of flowers in dining room.  Take the time to be creative.

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