Friday, 5 October 2012

Restart and repeat

After 9 months of being an invalid I have managed to scrape myself off the floor and return to university last week.  Due to being hit by the illness I have had to restart the academic year.

It is funny that we now have to first years in the family.  My daughter is off to York and hopefully when she gets there there will be less stress in the household and I get more time to focus on my creative endevours.

The last couple of months have enabled me to get set up better at home to support drawing and designing from my bed.  I have had time to think about design issues which my illness have identified so I have continued to try and keep the brain active.

Got to go and do some homework now.  I have a embroidery and appliqué sampler to do for textiles which as soon as I get done I will photograph as I was given a lovely digital SLR camera for my birthday aka you are still breathing event.