About Sortu Artisautza

This purpose of this blog is to have an electronic portfolio of my contemporary craft skill development while on the degree course. 

Why use a blog? As I am already a compulsive blogger I thought I would use the same format to diarise the trials and tribulations but also provide a news update for those who have supported and encouraged my leap of faith into a unknown.

What does Sortu Artisautza mean? Basically it is Basque for creative craft.  As the last pre-Indo-European language left in Western Europe, Basque is surrounded by different language groups and is isolated.  So why use a Basque name for the blog in a way I am isolated from the dominant culture that I am living within as a cultural outsider.

When did you start the blog?  I started the blog initially as part of my application for the course to provide photos of previous projects but with the acceptance onto the course I have redeveloped the blog to suit my progression on the course.

About me? I am Kotaatok on many craft forums and this palindrome of my maiden name initials and reflect the diverse area that I am from in Australia. In Malay this palindrome means new grandmother and it is often a comment I get about my knitting addiction ("You old granny"). I am Top Ender or Northern Northern Territorian living in the UK. A What? I am from the very northern areas of Northern Territory in Australia so I have a different cultural background that what you see in those television soap operas. So I am an Australian living in the West Lancashire area of the UK. I live in a market town called Ormskirk which is roughly halfway between Liverpool and Preston.