A Contemporary Crafts degree at your age?

Life has many twists and turns and I have been thrown a few curve balls during my life. The UK 2010/2011 Government funding decisions provided an opportunity to do something I always wanted to do. Well why not it was not like I was going to get another chance as life is too short not to jump at the chances you have and what did I have to loose.

Health wise I had previously had several curveballs were I felt that I had to take the chance while I could before it deteriorated anymore. The thought of not getting a chance to develop my skills before my physical limitations put the kibosh on my ability to participate.

Why do a contemporary crafts degree?  
Well it provides a range of study areas rather than just one single study area like jewellery. This course allows me to explore the possibilities of a range of materials and processes to produce distinctive objects that engage with their environmental context. The final form of the product needs to aesthetically engage and complement the humans it interacts with. Even within the minimalist esthetic we humans still choose individual pieces that engage us or speak to our individual perception of the world.

In the future with skills developed from creative crafts degree I would like to develop a craft portfolio and some form of creative enterprise that may include teaching adult craft possibly upgrading to formal Design and Technology teaching if I can maintain my health long enough.